A definitive solution

The platform solves multiple problems faced by sectors that experience high customer churn.

Product & data siloes

Disparate products, data and service propositions feed into a disjointed and confusing customer experience.


Customer perception that loyalty doesn’t pay, fuelling a continual desire to review product holding and to shop around.

Digital experience

Customer expectations now benchmarked by all industries, leading to ever-increasing demands on digital and app delivery.

Data usage

Ability to use data insights to drive better customer experience and better business outcomes.

Brand engagement

Businesses need to evidence the brand promises and deliver value outside of product alone, to improve NPS and motivate ambassadors.

Digital engagement

Restricted marketing permissions and limited opportunities to engage customers throughout the year; limited to product/service communications.

The hub demonstrates and delivers more than price, product and service.

Business benefits

Increase loyalty. A ‘sticky’ engagement tool that customers value and visit frequently.
Engagement. Personalised communications, focused on value and real cash rewards.
Market differentiation. Offer something more than competitors.
‘Nudge’ customer behaviours. Reward customers for completing desired actions.
Encourage retention. An environment that simplifies renewal, purchase, conversion and cross sell.
Reduce GDPR issues. Full marketing permissions inherent to the service offering.
Customer insight. In-depth and actionable data.
Ambassadorial representation. Inspire brand advocates.

Customer benefits

Personalised experience - customer feels ‘known’ and valued.
Value-rich relevance. Customer centricity throughout all interactions and journeys.
Easy ways to save. Multiple simple actions that can earn unlimited cashrewards.
Rewards programme. Cash reward earnings can be boosted by shopping with circa 3,000 retail brands.
Reduce costs. Of products and services sometimes considered to be ‘grudge’ purchases.
Easy access. Available across all devices, anytime, anywhere.
Convenience. Native apps give customers on the go access, plus push messaging and geo-location capability.
Brand-driven engagement. Driving better business performance.


Measurable engagement areas

  • Website visits and interaction
  • App downloads and usage
  • Communications (CRM engagement)
  • Online purchases
  • OnCard purchases
  • Cards registered
  • Client product purchase
  • Browser extension download
  • Favourited brands
  • Favourited categories
  • Wallet redemption
  • Advocacy action and intent