The Platform – comprised of four components

Accessed via the website and app


Everything your customers need in one online location.

  • A personalised, data-driven experience in a singular online location.
  • A fully branded point of interaction for product access, self-service, brand extension and rewards.
  • A 'container' comprised of multiple windows that can ingest and serve targeted content from different sources.
  • Creating a powerful marriage of function (product) and engagement (rewards, value and relevance).

Connecting to existing product functionality, to create a seamless digital experience.

Rewards Wallet

An immediate and constant value-exchange mechanism.

  • A proven tool to recognise, reward and ‘nudge’ desired behaviours – renewal, product purchase, recommendation, etc.
  • Rewards customers with real value ‘cash’ deposits into the Wallet.
  • All collected cash is used to help pay for client-brand products – existing and new.
  • Customers earn cash from multiple sources, including incentives and cashback from retail purchases.
  • A ‘sticky’ device that encourages customer retention.

Every pound in the customer’s Wallet has real cash value towards the cost of products.

Retailer cashback

Unlimited cash rewards from normal, everyday shopping.

  • A proprietary cash rewards platform that uniquely aggregates rewards from multiple sources to enable earning opportunities with circa 3,000 brands.
  • Rewards are earned into the Wallet when shopping online or with selected card-linked partners using registered credit and debit cards.
  • Combined with client incentives, this brings additional cash value into the customer's Wallet.
  • The closed loop programme ensures earned cash rewards are ‘spent’ with client business.

A future-proofed rewards proposition that can easily adapt to new trends and ingest new cash reward sources.

  • Up to3,000brands


A dedicated area for special offers from your business and supply chain partners.

  • The platform has the capacity to onboard a wide range of offer content: discounts, freebies, competitions, etc.
  • It also presents the ability to add exclusive or enhanced cash rewards.
  • An area to house broader content, such as articles and advice, to offer more lifestyle relevance.

Consolidating all customer value propositions in one centralised, personalised location.

Creating meaningful conversations

We help our clients talk with their customers throughout the year, across a full range of channels, outside of traditional product communications.







Data analytics and insight

Creating a new and unique view of the customer.

Through ongoing data enrichment, the platform informs and defines market strategy, strengthens and develops customer relationships and helps continually optimise products, platforms and propositions. 

Connecting customer insights and retail purchase data to inform segmentation and drive relevance throughout the customer experience.

Creating a customer-centric experience that is tailored to specific segments and individuals.

Data includes:

Website and app analytics and reporting

Marketing performance reporting

Customer reporting and analysis